26th July 2023

Roof Verges Repair and Reinforcement in Larbert, Falkirk

 In this newly constructed property, the entire side of the verges at the gable fell off. This occurred because they were not attached to the tile battens, as these battens were not extended far enough to secure the nails. Consequently, the verges were merely hanging freely on the side of the roof, and a minor gust of wind was sufficient to dislodge them all.

1st June 2023

Successful Repair of Velux Window Leaks in Falkirk

On this job, the lady initially rented the property, and the landlord hired his own roofers to address multiple leaks around all the Velux windows. After enduring three years of frustration due to ongoing leaks, Fiona decided to purchase the house, granting her control over who she hired to fix the persistent problem. Her architect friend recommended our services.

25th May 2023

Low pitch roof in Carronvale, Falkirk

The call out to this property was prompted by the client's concern over a newly-installed roof that was leaking profusely. Upon inspection, it was immediately clear that the cause of the issue was the improper tiles used by the builder for the roof pitch, which in this case, was 12 degrees. To address this issue, I recommended a complete replacement of the roof using the appropriate tiles suited for the given pitch. In addition, the correct type of roofing membrane had to be utilised.

If this problem wasn't addressed promptly, it risked causing severe internal damage. Rotten wood and crumbling plasterboard ceilings would not only damage the internal walls and floors, but the client's valuable furniture was also at risk.

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