Low pitch roof in Carronvale, Falkirk


The call out to this property was prompted by the client's concern over a newly-installed roof that was leaking profusely. Upon inspection, it was immediately clear that the cause of the issue was the improper tiles used by the builder for the roof pitch, which in this case, was 12 degrees. To address this issue, I recommended a complete replacement of the roof using the appropriate tiles suited for the given pitch. In addition, the correct type of roofing membrane had to be utilised.

If this problem wasn't addressed promptly, it risked causing severe internal damage. Rotten wood and crumbling plasterboard ceilings would not only damage the internal walls and floors, but the client's valuable furniture was also at risk.


Given my years of experience and training, I quickly identified the incorrect roof tiles used on this low pitch roof. My suggestion was to completely strip the roof and start over. After removing the existing materials, the next step would be to lay the correct membrane (Klober Permo Extreme RS SK) with maximum overlap, taping at every joint to ensure a completely sealed roof. This specific membrane necessitates the installation of ventilation in the eaves to prevent moisture buildup.

For this roof, I recommended using the Marley Mendip roof tile which doesn't have a nail hole at the top. Instead, these tiles are side clipped, preventing wind and rain from getting under the tiles and into the nail hole. I also suggested re-leading all the valleys to increase coverage to 200mm from the current 50mm lap. We proposed doing this with code 5 lead.

To ensure safety during the project, we fully scaffolded the roof and installed a hoist to manually remove the incorrect tiles. As these tiles were brand new, the customer wanted to resell them.


Once the new roof was completed, the clients were extremely pleased with the outcome. They were relieved to find that the leaks were no longer an issue during rainfall, saving them from potential ceiling damage and protecting their valuable interior furnishings. With over 35 years in the industry, we confidently provide a 10-year warranty on every job, assured that we won't need to return for repairs.

While material possessions such as nice couches and large TVs are enjoyable, the peace of mind a well-installed, reliable roof provides is invaluable. In this case, the worry has been lifted from the clients. They can now rest easy knowing they have a roof over their heads that does its job—protecting them from harsh weather.

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