Successful Repair of Velux Window Leaks in Falkirk


On this job, the lady initially rented the property, and the landlord hired his own roofers to address multiple leaks around all the Velux windows. After enduring three years of frustration due to ongoing leaks, Fiona decided to purchase the house, granting her control over who she hired to fix the persistent problem. Her architect friend recommended our services.


We began by removing all the slates surrounding the Velux windows, as well as the flashings and substandard patchwork left behind by the previous roofers hired by the landlord. This involved stripping everything back to the wooden frame and starting anew. We then installed the VP 400 Glidevale breather membrane around all the windows and redesigned the flashing areas using code 5 lead and new Velux flashings.


After three years of water leaks around the Velux windows, the new owner finally experienced peace of mind as the issue was completely resolved. Before leaving the property, we thoroughly tested it with a garden hose to ensure its integrity. The Scottish weather also put our work to the test, but the new owners expressed their relief and satisfaction as they could now enjoy their new home without the stress and worry of water leaks.


Having had some poor repair undertaken as a tenant by another company (outside of our control), we have subsequently purchased the property, and JBR was recommended through a friend. From the initial call and visit from Brian, I had nothing but complete confidence in the expertise of JBR. We have some further work needed which isn’t as much of a priority but I definitely won’t be going elsewhere.
- Fiona, Falkirk

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