Stages to fitting your roof

  • Fully scaffold building.
  • Strip old tile batons felt and old boards.
  • Fit new sarking board.
  • Fit protective VP 400+breathable membrane.
  • Fit 19x38mm counter baton.
  • Fit BS55534 code stamped 50×25 tile baton.
  • Fit all new tiles and nail every tile with alloy nail.

Tiled Roofs.

Once tiles have passed their life expectancy it is uneconomical to keep repairing them, it is time for a complete new roof.

Slate Roofs.

This is a similar process.

The Slates go directly on to sarking board using copper nails in compliance with BS55342014. Also there is a big market variation in Slate to suit your individual needs. Whether that be reclaimed Scotch Slates or brand new Welsh slates or anything in between. We always use quality material and install to BS342014 specification for both Tiled and Slate roofs.

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